Svante Eng

Svante Lundkvist, född 20 juli 1919, död 9 juli 1991, politiker (s),
konsultativt statsråd 1965-67, kommunikationsminister 1967-69, civilminister 1969-73,
jordbruksminister 1973-76 och 1982-86, led. av riksdagen 1959-86.



When I was first asked if Svante should stand as a statue
Near his childhood home ”Tunagården”, I thought  no,
Svante would want to be on the move, not carved as a
Statue for all and sundry to stare at.
Later, after I had had contact with Mats, I understood that
 he wanted to know the real Svante as a person. It then felt
suddenly very inportant. Svante had something more to say
to the word through Mats.
At the initiation Mats has placed a rose in Svantes hand.
Now, when I visit Tunagården, There is always a freshly
Picked rose in Svantes hand.

Bosse Lundkvist  son of Svante Lundkvist